Some quite interesting facts about fencing ... or they may just be rumours or actual lies.

  • Bob Anderson - Fencing Master

    Bob Anderson (1922-2012) was the fencing master who coached and acted as a stunt double in almost every modern film which contains any fencing. He also coached the British fencing team for 30 years. From Star Wars to James Bond; from Highlander to The Mask of Zorro; and from The Princes Bride to The Master of Ballantrae - he helped make them all. Reputedly during some rehearsals, he once slashed Errol Flynn in the thigh by accident, drawing blood, while the star was being distracted by a passing beauty. This led to Anderson's reputation among Hollywood insiders as "the man who stabbed Errol Flynn".

  • Bruce Dickinson

    Bruce Dickinson, multi-millionaire and lead singer of the rock group "Iron Maiden" founded the Duellist International fencing equipment supplier.  As competitive International fencer he travelled round the globe, with his guitar on one shoulder and his fencing bag over the other.

  • The Oldest Fencing Club

    The world’s oldest fencing club is the Confrérie de Saint-Michel, which was established in 1613 in Ghent, Belgium, where it still meets twice a week in the 17th century tower that has been its home for nearly 400 years.

  • Winston Churchill

    Winston Churchill won the Public Schools Fencing championship in foil in his youth - his name can still be seen on the trophy presented in the current championship.

  • Karl Marx

    Karl Marx (1818-1883) was a German social, political, and econimic theorist. He studied at the University of Bonn where he first learned fencing.