Some quite interesting facts about fencing ... or they may just be rumours or actual lies.

  • Early Fencing Writing

    The earliest known surviving treatise on fencing, stored at the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds, England, dates from around 1300 AD and is from Germany. Written in medieval Latin and German, it describes a system of using the sword and buckler (small shield) and is illustrated by over 100 ink and watercolour drawings.

  • Fast moving hits

    The tip of the fencing weapon is the second fastest moving object in sport after the marksman's bullet.

  • Leon Paul - "London Lights"

    For the London 2012 Olympics, Leon Paul created the "London Lights" - over 640 meters of LED color changing light rope with 38,400 individual LED’s and more than 5km of cable were used to make this spectacular visual effect.

  • Bruce Dickinson

    Bruce Dickinson, multi-millionaire and lead singer of the rock group "Iron Maiden" founded the Duellist International fencing equipment supplier.  As competitive International fencer he travelled round the globe, with his guitar on one shoulder and his fencing bag over the other.

  • The Oldest Fencing Club

    The world’s oldest fencing club is the Confrérie de Saint-Michel, which was established in 1613 in Ghent, Belgium, where it still meets twice a week in the 17th century tower that has been its home for nearly 400 years.