How much does it cost?

Club costs

Our club fees are paid nightly

  • £7 Adults
  • £5.50 Concessions


Alternatively, £24 (or £22) per month if paid by Direct Debit

Your first visit to our club is free.

British Fencing

The National Governing Body for fencing in the UK is British Fencing. The Scottish part of this is Scottish Fencing. We encourage all fencers to take out membership of Scottish Fencing.  This membership provides you with the necessary insurance to fence in clubs and competition, access to training courses and other benefits outlined in on the Scottish Fencing website.

The annual cost of membership of Scottish Fencing (which includes membership of British Fencing) is as follows

  • Recreational
    • £19 Under 18
    • £30 Over 18
  • Competitive
    • £33.75 Under 14
    • £43 Under 20
    • £59 Adults


Full details of the membership schemes and costs are available on the British Fencing website

Note that all coaches in our club additionally are covered by insurance arranged via the British Academy of Fencing.

Buying equipment

While you learning to fence you may continue to borrow club equipment, but as you progress with the sport, you will probably want to buy your kit.

Choosing the right kit can be confusing but help and advice is available from club members and coaches.

Typically people buy individual items as they progress, e.g. Glove, Sword, Jacket etc.  Alternatively, most equipment suppliers sell some form of "starter kits" including all the equipment needed.  However, it is still best to check with your coach for advice as to what you actually should buy and when - not all "starter kits" are equal.

The price for all the equipment you need to get started as a beginner is around £150 to £200 with additional cost for "electric" kit required for competitions.  Some suppliers offer "starter kits" for around £130.  Some items of children's equipment are reduced by the non-addition of VAT, but typically the equipment price is the same for adults and children.

Fencing equipment sometimes becomes available on eBay (or similar sites) - our best advice about those are "buyer beware" - you can get some great bargains, but equally you may by something which is not suitable.

Fencing equipment is subject to very strict safety guidelines which change over time, hence some older equipment may no longer be considered safe for competition use.  See the British Fencing and Federation Internationale D'Escrime (FIE) websites for details.