About Us

We are an open to all fencing club based in Glasgow. Originally founded as a result of a 10-week adult education course from Strathclyde University.  Our classes were originally based at Jordanhill Campus - in Glasgow's West End.

Next year, in time for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, our club will celebrate its 20th anniversary.

What we do?

We fence all 3 weapons, although the bias does change from time to time. We started as a Foil club; for a while we were more of an Epee club; then we were mostly Sabre, but recently we have been mostly Foil.  

Some of our new beginners are now progressing to Epee - so our lonely Epeeists (who seem to turn up one at a time) will have some new people to fence.  During the Summer, we often have visitors from other clubs so the balance of weapons change and we get the opportunity to train with other people.

What we do for fun?

Apart from galloping (or meandering, depending on the fencer) up and down the piste, we try to encourage our members to develop a healthy social life. Most of us can be found in The Athol Bar after training on Thursdays, and we also try to have as many nights out as possible (all in the interests of club unity, of course). We also have infrequent Murder Mystery Weekends - too frequent and there would be nobody left to fence.

Who is welcome?

Everyone.  We are happy to welcome anyone to the club from the complete beginner through to the seasoned veteran.  We do run some special "Open Nights" just for beginners, but the best thing to do is just come along any night.

As you may have guessed from "What we do for fun", we do tend to be an adult centred club, however, fencers of all ages are welcome to join our training sessions. Please note that we are unable to provide supervision outside the training session, and children under 13 must be supervised during training by a parent or guardian. Our Welfare and Child Protection Policy follows the guidelines from the British Fencing Association.

What does it look like?

We recently had a visit from Storm Huntley from STV Glasgow's The Riverside Show, who wanted a lesson in fencing. She has uploaded a small video of the lesson to her YouTube Channel

Damaris Fuentes, one of our beginners, also made a Promotional Video of the Club as part of her coursework.