January 2013

Recent news items about the club organised by month.

Sabre 48er Results

Some good club results at the recent Sabre 48er held by Wallace Fencing Academy including some first time sabreurs.

There were a couple of rounds of teams and then to the serious individual poules

  • Poule 2: Gold, Keith Davidson
  • Poule 3: Silver, Mark McKenzie
  • Poule 4: 5th, Colin Macinnes
  • Poule 8: Bronze, Johnny Mulholland


Full results are available

Scottish Open 2013 Results

A select few of the club members made it along to the Scottish Open 2013 held at Meadowbank Sports centre - the rest were presumably still recovering from the holidays.

Women's Foil

  • Maria Cabrelli (10th)
  • Ruth Davidson (23rd)


Men's Foil

  • Duncan Macfadyen (14th)
  • Colin Macinnes (42nd)


Men's Sabre

  • Keith Davidson (21st)


Men's Epee

  • Henri Techer (40th)