A very nearly complete 48er for Wallace Fencing - 47 fencers competed in the Epee 48er on Saturday 28th March.  The overall winner was Callum Johnston and the winner of the free raffle prize was Aileen Chilvers-Grierson who won the new...


A select few club members ventured over to the East to compete in the Edinburgh Open

Men's Epee

  • 18th - Kris Moodley


Women's Epee

  • Bronze - Eleanor Akers

Well done to all the people who attended our Beginners Night - hope to see you along on Thursday.

If you missed it, no need to worry, come along any Thursday and we can help you get started.  Even better, bring a friend and you can...


A select few battled our way to Edinburgh for the Scottish Open 2015 - held in the coldest fencing venue ever known.

Results for members and occasional visitors:


Men's Foil

  • 39th - Kris Moodley

Congratulations to Jonny Woollard winner of the Wallace Sabre 48er on 17th Jan 2015.  35 fencers from various clubs took part in the event.

The winners of the team event were "Don’t have a team".



On Thursday 5th February at 7pm the club will be holding a Beginner's Introduction to Fencing night.  There is no charge for this event.

Give us a couple of hours and we will have you fighting with swords.  



Special footwork class on Thursday 18th December, to be held at The Atholl Arms from 7pm.  

In order that this footwork be...


Bronze medals for Helen Pitt and Sheila Anderson in the Women's Team Foil event at the Commonwealth Veterans Fencing Championship 2014



The Commonwealth Fencing Championships 2014 is currently running at Largs - with over 300 fencers from 20 nations.  Spectating during the day is free, you only have to pay to watch the finals.  Full details at ...


Several of our club regulars have been selected to fence for Scotland in the Teams competition at the Commonwealth Veterans Fencing Championships - which will be held at Largs...

Scottish Fencing