Glasgow Master at Arms 2015 - Results

The first Glasgow Master-at-Arms tournament was held at Caledonian University on Saturday 18th July.  In this event, all competitors must fence all 3 weapons in a single day.  This was a challenge for the fencers and the organisers.

The overall Master-at-Arms were Alexandre Arbelet (Salle Holyrood) and Marianna Lanza (University of St Andrews).  

Best Veterans were Mark McKenzie and Helen Pitt (both from GWEFC).  Best Novices were Daniel Bee (Glasgow University) and Alex Wren (Strathclyde University). There was also a single award for the best overall Under 18, which went to Katrina Dungay (West Fife Fencing Club).


The format of the competition was men and women mixed for a single round of poules, followed by separate DE (direct elimination) round for men and women. Seeding for the DE round was generated from the ranking after the poules round. Points were awarded for the final position in the DE of each weapon, which were then totaled to award the overall ranking.  The order of weapons was Foil, Epee and Sabre.


Final Ranking