Facts about fencing

How much does it cost?

Club costs

Our club fees are paid nightly

  • £7 Adults
  • £5.50 Concessions


Alternatively, £24 (or £22) per month if paid by Direct Debit

Your first visit to our club is free.

Welfare and Child Protection

The Glasgow West End Fencing Club is primarily an adult club, however, fencers of all ages are welcome to join our training sessions. Please note that we are unable to provide supervision outside the training session, and children under 13 must be supervised during training by a parent or guardian.

Starting fencing

What is it like?

Fencing is a sport based on the ancient art of sword-fighting. The aim is to hit your opponent whilst not being hit yourself - fencing is the art of defence.  Since both fencers usually have a similar training, there is as much thinking as doing.  Several people have described fencing as "physical chess".

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