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Scottish Open 2019 - Results

A few brave souls ventured the cold weather and travelled Largs for the Scottish Open 2019, held the recently refurbished Inverclyde National Sports Training Centre.

Here are the results for our regular (and irregular) attendees at GWEFC:


Women's Foil

  • 6th - Sheila Anderson - GWEFC
  • 15th - Helen Pitt - GWEFC


M8 Open 2017 - Results

Unusually, this year's M8 Open was not plagued by snow, locked doors, fire alarms, locust swarms or any other random acts of nature.

A few members and irregulars at the club ventured to Bathgate to meet the challenge of combined Team and Individual competitions. 



Men's Individual Epee

  • 16th - Andrew Munley
  • 17th - Kris Moodley
  • 18th - Samuel Whitby

(No special award for formation fencing guys)


Scottish Intermediates Championships 2017 - Results

The Scottish Intermediates Championships were held in Bathgate Academy on the weekend of 28th/29th October 2017.

Results for our club members and irregulars:

Men's Epee

  • Silver - Kris Moodley
  • 17th - Andrew Munley
  • 19th - Symion Kolontayev


Women's Epee

  • Silver - Mhairi Davidson
  • 11th - Sarah Clancy 


Women's Foil

  • 5th - Helen Pitt


Men's Sabre

  • Euan Sime


Veterans World Championship 2017

A couple of our club regulars were selected to represent GB at the Veterans Fencing World Championship 2017 was held in Maribor, Slovenia.

The Women's Foil team, including Sheila Anderson, won Bronze. She was also 12th in the Individual Women's Foil.

Stephen Rennie was 19th in Individual Men's Sabre 

Scottish Open 2017 - Results

This year the Scottish Open returned to its new home of Oriam Health and Fitness centre at Heriot-Watt University.


Men's Epee

  • 24th - Kris Moodley
  • 36th - Andrew Munley


Men's Sabre

  • 11th - Keith Davidson
  • 13th - Andy Pearson


Women's Sabre

  • 11th - Sarah Dolan



Men's Foil

  • 25th - George Dolan


Women's Foil

  • 24th - Helen Pitt


Glasgow Open 2017 - Results

As usual, it was a lovely sunny weekend for the Glasgow Open - ideal weather for staying indoors in a noisy fencing hall.

Several of our club members and irregular visitors competed in the event with the following results. Especially notable were Alex Wren taking Gold in Women's Epee and Constance Philippe taking Bronze in the Women's Foil (and winning Ladies Celtic Master-at-Arms).

BVF Championships 2017 - Results

Several of our club members and irregular attendees travelled to Manchester to compete in the British Veteran Fencing Championships 2017.  This was held at the splendid Manchester Fencing Centre hosted by the Marshal Fencing Club.

Veterans are classified as Cat 1 (40+), Cat 2 (50+), Cat 3 (60+) and Cat 4 (70+) - (our appologies to anyone who is shy about their age)

Men's Sabre - Cat 2

  • Keith Davidson - Bronze
  • Andy Pearson - 6th


Men's Sabre - Cat 3

  • Stephen Rennie - Bronze


Stirling Sword 2017 - Results

As usual, the Stirling Sword competition was held at Stirling University - as usual, it was a well-attended affair with many fencers from far and wide.  It was great to see teams and individuals from numerous clubs, including fencers from ECE based in Paris.

On Saturday, GWEFC had teams in the Foil and Sabre events - both had similar results

Team Foil

  • 6th - "Charm Offensive" GWEFC: Maria Cabrelli, Constance Philippe, Helen Pitt, Ramsey Sartawi


Highland Open 2016 - Results

Several club members and irregular visitors had much fun at the Highland Open 2016 - including Gold medals for Chris Anwyl in Men's Epee and for Constance Philippe in Women's Foil.

Saturday Results

Men's Epee

  • Gold - Chris Anwyl
  • 10th - Kris Moodley


Women's Epee

  • Silver - Eleanor Akers 
  • Bronze - Alex Wren


Men's Sabre

  • Bronze - Keith Davidson


Scottish Open 2016 (again) - Results

The second Scottish Open of 2016 was held in October at the Oriam centre at Heriot-Watt University.

Here are the results for our club members and irregular visitors:

Men's Epee

  • 10th - Chris Anwyl
  • 30th - Kris Moodley
  • 38th - Daniel Bee


Men's Sabre

  • Silver - Glenn Sancroft
  • 10th - James Anderson
  • 18th - Colin Macinnes


Women's Sabre

  • Gold - Jennifer Sancroft


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