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Aberdeen Open 2015 - Results

The Doric Open has been replaced by the Aberdeen Open for our trip to the North East.

A few of us managed to the long trip North without much problems - but careful of the trees.

Men's Foil

  • 22nd - Colin MacInnes


Men's Sabre

  • 7th - Keith Davidson
  • 12th - Colin MacInnes


Women's Sabre

  • 15th - Siobhan Toon



Linlithgow Epee 48er - Results

A very nearly complete 48er for Wallace Fencing - 47 fencers competed in the Epee 48er on Saturday 28th March.  The overall winner was Callum Johnston and the winner of the free raffle prize was Aileen Chilvers-Grierson who won the new electric Epee donated by Leon Paul Scotland.

Members of our club finished as follows

Poule 4

  • 6th - Ruadh Drummond


Poule 5

  • Gold - Kris Moodley
  • 6th - Eleanor Akers


Poule 8

  • Gold - Sarah Cheung




Edinburgh Open 2015 - Results

A select few club members ventured over to the East to compete in the Edinburgh Open

Men's Epee

  • 18th - Kris Moodley


Women's Epee

  • Bronze - Eleanor Akers


Women's Foil

  • 25th - Helen Pitt


Scottish Open 2015 - Results

A select few battled our way to Edinburgh for the Scottish Open 2015 - held in the coldest fencing venue ever known.

Results for members and occasional visitors:


Men's Foil

  • 39th - Kris Moodley


Women's Foil

  • 5th - Sheila Anderson
  • 21st - Helen Pitt


Men's Sabre

  • 21st - Keith Davidson
  • 25th - Colin Macinnes


Men's Epee

  • 27th - Kris Moodley
  • 41st - Peter Ruadh Drummond


Sabre 48er 2015 - Results

Congratulations to Jonny Woollard winner of the Wallace Sabre 48er on 17th Jan 2015.  35 fencers from various clubs took part in the event.

The winners of the team event were "Don’t have a team".

Congratulations also to Ethan Llewellyn who won the new electric sabre donated by Leon Paul Scotland.


Results for our members in the final round were as follows:

Poule 3

  • Gold - Keith Davidson
  • 4th - Gordon Hamilton


Commonwealth Medals

Bronze medals for Helen Pitt and Sheila Anderson in the Women's Team Foil event at the Commonwealth Veterans Fencing Championship 2014

Scottish Women's Foil Team - Bronze medal winners

Scottish Veterans Women's Foil Team: Sheila Anderson (Captain), Marie Steele and Helen Pitt

Celtic Challenge 2014 - Results

This year's Celtic Challenge held in South Queensferry was won by the Scottish Veterans' Team.

The Celtic Challenge is run as individual competition but the Regions nominate 3 of their fencers in each weapon whose results are used to calculate the overall Team Results.

  • 1st Scotland
  • 2nd Wales
  • 3rd Galicia
  • 4th Eire
  • =5th Asturias, Channel Islands, Cornwall, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland 


Results for GWEFC members and visitors

Men's Epee

Inverclyde Open 2014 - Results

A select few from our club ventured (even more) West

Men's Epee

  • Bronze - Duncan MacFadyen
  • 15th - Kris Moodley


Men's Foil

  • 5th - Duncan MacFadyen
  • 13th - Kris Moodley



Doric Open 2014 - Results

An intrepid traveller from our club ventured North in search of gold (or any other medal)

Men's Epee

  • 9th - Kris Moodley


Men's Foil

  • 21st - Kris Moodley



Cumberland Open 2014 - Results

Results for our members and irregular visitors at the Cumberland Open

Men's Foil

  • Bronze - Duncan McFadyen
  • 9th - Colin MacInnes


Men's Epee

  • 9th - Kris Moodley


Women's Foil

  • Silver - Sheila Anderson
  • Bronze - Helen Pitt


Men's Sabre

  • Bronze - Keith Davidson & Colin MacInnes


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