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The Alternative Fencing Glossary

To ensure you feel at home with all the new terms you will learn when you start fencing, we asked a couple of our beginners to demonstrate their newly found knowledge by compiling a Glossary of fencing terms.

Whilst this is based on experience, advice and tales from many great, and not so great (but equally mad) fencers, offence should not be taken for any parts you don't like. Any parts you do like should not be used offensively either!!! We begin with the weapons, which also should not be used offensively!

How to become the perfect Modern Fencer

People often ask me how I have achieved such magnificent heights in the world of fencing, how I managed to win gold at the Olympics at the tender age of eighteen and how I can combine such strength and athleticism with effortless grace. Often the women accompany these questions with admiring glances at my magnificent physique, and reach out with trembling hands to touch my sculptured muscles. This, of course, is usually the point where I wake up and realize I have dribbled saliva all over my pillow case, and that I have developed a strain in my biceps from sleep-flexing.

Friends of GWEFC


We would like to thank Leon Paul Scotland for their continued support of our club.  

Additionally we would like Leon Paul and Duellist Fencing (who are no longer trading) for their assistance some years ago when our club had to replace all our kit after a fire.


Fencing Clubs

There are many fencing clubs outwith the Glasgow area which we have connections with, here are links to some of them:

University Fencing Clubs

For those studying at one of the Univesity or Colleges in Glasgow, there are several student-only clubs to choose from.

Mon7 - 8:45pm

Strathclyde University Fencing

Royal College Gym,

204 George Street,

Glasgow G1 1XW


Glasgow Fencing Clubs

Here is a list of some other clubs in the Glasgow area.  If you have something else on Thursday nights, like family time, then kill your family. No, only joking, just lock them in the cellar while you go fencing. If they keep on getting out, or the neighbours phone the police, meaning that you really can't come on Thursdays, here are contacts for some other clubs in the Glasgow area.

There are also several University clubs - entry to these is typically only for students.

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