Glasgow Open 2016 - Results

This year's Glasgow Open was another well attended affair, with several club members competing on both days.  As usual we also had a full complement of people helping run the cafe.

The timing of the Sabre competitions in the afternoon meant that fencers could compete in both Epee and Sabre - although some scratched from Sabre to concentrate on their Epee results.

Men's Epee

  • 21st - Mark McKenzie
  • 23rd - Kris Moodley
  • 31st - Emmanuel Mourlon-Druol
  • 43rd - Ruadh Drummond


Women's Epee

  • Silver - Eleanor Akers
  • 5th - Alex Wren


Men's Sabre

  • 12th - Colin Macinnes
  • 14th - Ruadh Drummond


Women's Sabre

  • 12th - Eleanor Akers (scratched from Sabre to continue with the Epee competition)


Women's Foil

  • 10th - Maria Cabrelli
  • 13th - Helen Pitt
  • 17th - Ruth Davidson