Stirling Sword 2017 - Results

As usual, the Stirling Sword competition was held at Stirling University - as usual, it was a well-attended affair with many fencers from far and wide.  It was great to see teams and individuals from numerous clubs, including fencers from ECE based in Paris.

On Saturday, GWEFC had teams in the Foil and Sabre events - both had similar results

Team Foil

  • 6th - "Charm Offensive" GWEFC: Maria Cabrelli, Constance Philippe, Helen Pitt, Ramsey Sartawi


Team Sabre

  • 8th - GWEFC: Keith Davidson, Sarah Dolan, Andy Pearson


Kris Moodley volunteered to help complete one of the ECE Teams in the Epee competition - even if he did think they were German.


On Sunday, we only had Constance from GWEFC competing, but many others who are irregulars at our club.

Individual Epee

  • 3rd - Mark Lauchlan (Heriot-Watt University)
  • 13th - Daniel Bee (University of Glasgow)
  • 14th - Kris Moodley (Kyle FC)
  • 16th - Andrew Munley (Salle Rollo)


Individual Foil

  • 7th - Constance Philippe (GWEFC)


Individual Sabre

  • 6th - James Anderson (University of Manchester)