M8 Open 2017 - Results

Unusually, this year's M8 Open was not plagued by snow, locked doors, fire alarms, locust swarms or any other random acts of nature.

A few members and irregulars at the club ventured to Bathgate to meet the challenge of combined Team and Individual competitions. 



Men's Individual Epee

  • 16th - Andrew Munley
  • 17th - Kris Moodley
  • 18th - Samuel Whitby

(No special award for formation fencing guys)


Women's Individual Epee

  • 12th - Mhairi Davidson
  • 17th - Sarah Cheung


Mixed Team Epee

GWEFC had no team but the Glasgow Destroyers Team finished 6th

  • 6th - Glasgow Destroyers : Jenny Hedberg, Mhairi Davidson, Sofie Erner



Men's Individual Foil

  • 6th - George Dolan
  • 25th - Kris Moodley


Women's Individual Foil

  • Silver - Sheila Anderson
  • Bronze - Maria Cabrelli
  • 9th - Helen Pitt
  • 10th - Maria Stolyarova


Mixed Team Foil

Our West End Gals fought bravely

  • 6th - Maria Cabrelli, Sheila Anderson, Helen Pitt, Maria Stolyarova 


Men's Individual Sabre

  • 11th - Andy Pearson
  • 12th - Kevin Dolan
  • 16th - Euan Sime


Women's Individual Sabre

  • 7th - Hannah Pankow
  • 9th - Sarah Dolan


Mixed Team Sabre

Our GWEFC team kindly split up to allow more the formation of more teams in the competition:

  • Bronze - West Coast Wanderers - Andy Pearson, Sarah Dolan, Kevin Dolan
  • 4th - Scream, Run, Hit - Euan Some, George Dolan, Laycy Elys, Hannah Pankow