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New Beginners Welcome

It was great to see so many of our new beginners back for training last week.

If you want to join them, come along any Thursday evening - it is an ideal time to join, even if you didn't manage to attend our Beginners Night, it is great to have a group of people learning together.


Beginners' Night

Give us a couple of hours and we will have you fighting with swords.

We will be holding a Beginner's Introduction to Fencing night on Thursday 10th September starting at 7pm in Cally Uni ARC Building.  The training will run from 7 until 9pm.  There will be someone at reception to direct you to the right hall.  

There is no charge for beginners attending for the first time.  

No training on 20th Aug

Cally Uni need the main hall for an all day event on 20th Aug, so we won't have any training that evening.

Glasgow Master at Arms 2015 - Results

The first Glasgow Master-at-Arms tournament was held at Caledonian University on Saturday 18th July.  In this event, all competitors must fence all 3 weapons in a single day.  This was a challenge for the fencers and the organisers.

The overall Master-at-Arms were Alexandre Arbelet (Salle Holyrood) and Marianna Lanza (University of St Andrews).  

Cumberland Open 2015 - Results

As in previous years, a party from the West went down to Carlisle on mission to bring back some booty.  Good humoured competition and excellent pie were had, and a reasonable haul of medals.

Men's Foil

  • Bronze - Thomas Crowe
  • 6th - Jack Chateau-Lone
  • 8th - Colin MacInnes


Men's Epee

  • 8th Mark McKenzie
  • 12th - Kris Moodley
  • 14th - Ruadh Drummond


Women's Epee

  • Bronze - Alex Wren


Scottish Intermediates 2015 - Results

The Scottish Intermediates has resurfaced after a being missing for many years.  The competition is designed to encourage new fencers into competitions, with entry being limited to those who have yet to win a medal in a Scottish Open.

The event was run by Wallace Fencing Academy at their usual Linlithgow venue and was attended by some members of our club and/or irregular visitors.


Men's Epee

  • 15th - Kris Moodley


Women's Epee

Veterans' 4 Nations 2015 - Results

After an exciting weekend of fencing the final ordering came down to the last match, Women's Team Foil between Scotland and England.  In the end it was a convicing win 45-29 by the Scottish team of Sheila Anderson, Maria Cabrelli and Helen Pitt.


The final results of the team competition being

  • 1st England
  • 2nd Scotland
  • 3rd Ireland
  • 4th Wales


Glasgow Open 2015 - Results

Results from our club members competing at the Glasgow Open

Men's Epee

  • 30th - Kris MOODLEY
  • 35th - Mark MCKENZIE
  • 53rd - Ruadh DRUMMOND
  • 58th - Colin MACINNES


Women's Epee

  • 13th - Eleanor AKERS


Men's Sabre

  • 7th - Mark MCKENZIE
  • 9th - Colin MACINNES
  • 10th - Ruadh DRUMMOND


Women's Sabre

  • 9th - Siobhan TOON
  • 12th - Katie WILKIE


Aberdeen Open 2015 - Results

The Doric Open has been replaced by the Aberdeen Open for our trip to the North East.

A few of us managed to the long trip North without much problems - but careful of the trees.

Men's Foil

  • 22nd - Colin MacInnes


Men's Sabre

  • 7th - Keith Davidson
  • 12th - Colin MacInnes


Women's Sabre

  • 15th - Siobhan Toon



Linlithgow Epee 48er - Results

A very nearly complete 48er for Wallace Fencing - 47 fencers competed in the Epee 48er on Saturday 28th March.  The overall winner was Callum Johnston and the winner of the free raffle prize was Aileen Chilvers-Grierson who won the new electric Epee donated by Leon Paul Scotland.

Members of our club finished as follows

Poule 4

  • 6th - Ruadh Drummond


Poule 5

  • Gold - Kris Moodley
  • 6th - Eleanor Akers


Poule 8

  • Gold - Sarah Cheung




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